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Quality Endoscope Parts

Endo-Log is dedicated to provide the highest quality products for superior performance, durability and tolerance. Our main goal it’s to go beyond our customer’s needs by providing excellence with all our products.

highest quality

One at a time production to deliver unsurpassed bending rubber quality for the most demanding procedures. 

superior performance

All our bending rubbers are Sterrad Sterilization Process for up to 50 cycles (See Sterrad tests).

Great durability

Great durability to reduce costs is also an EndoLog top priority in the production of all our products.

High tolerance

Each bending rubber is tested one by one with pressure-tests, stretching, pulling, leak-tests, and visual testing.

in-house mixing

Our rubber manufacturing capabilities include in-house mixing and calendaring, allowing us to formulate materials on-site to meet demanding specifications.

Genuine Certified

Our bending rubbers are United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Class VI Certified
(See MSDS Certificate

Beyond Customer Expectation

Excellence Only

  • Guaranteed Free of Any Defects
  • 50 Cycles Sterrad Sterilization Process
  • One by One Stress Test
  • In-House Manufactured

We are dedicated to provide the best quality flexible endoscope parts to those we serve with a commitment to excellence.  Our products set community standards and exceeds customers’ expectations.

Certified Genuine Viton®

(USP) Class VI Certified

All of our bending rubbers and rubber parts are made of Certified Genuine Viton®. Our bending rubbers are United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Class VI Certified. This organization is concerned with the pharmaceutical and bio-technology industries and endorses public health by establishing up to the minute standards to safeguard the quality of medicines and other health care technologies. The USP Class VI compounds must be made from ingredients with clear histories of biocompatibility that meet tight requirements. USP Class IV certified products go through a series of biological tests.

Free of any defects guaranteed

Strict Quality Control

We uses a very strict Quality Control System to make sure every item is perfect and free of any defects and we guarantee the quality of our products. If for any reason our customers are not 100% satisfied with our products, we offer 100% money back guarantee or free exchange. Our bending rubbers go through various testing procedures, including Sterrad Sterilization Process for up to 50 cycles (A copy of the Sterrad tests can be downloaded HERE), pressure-tests, stretching, pulling, leak-tests, and visual testing. Each bending rubber is tested one by one.

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Free of Any Defects • 
In-House manufactured • 
(USP) Class VI Certified • 

Bending Rubbers

Genuine Viton® USP Class VI Certified

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Bending Rubbers

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Offering both standard & hard durometer bending rubbers

We offer both standard and hard durometer bending rubbers. The hard bending rubbers might offer greater abrasion resistance, but they are less flexible than the regular bending rubbers, because the higher the durometer, the harder the compound.